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Knight Inlet Lodge

If you like your adventures to have a touch of the ‘wow’ factor your spectacular journey by floatplane to this remote nature resort will not disappoint.

Floating on the longest fjord on the British Columbia coast, this area is home to one of the largest concentrations of grizzly bears in British Columbia. Seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales and soaring bald eagles are some of the other wildlife you may be privileged enough to catch a glimpse of here. What the fairly simple accommodation lacks in glamour it makes up for in authenticity. Deliciously fresh seafood harvested from the pristine glacier-fed waters nearby are usually on the menu.

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It’s all about the wildlife viewing here in spring, summer and autumn.  There can be up to 50 bears within 10 km of the lodge in September, when salmon are returning to the river.  However you still have a good chance of seeing bears as early as June / July when the large male Grizzlies will be often be sited seeking a mate and feeding on the sedge grass along the shoreline whilst foraging for berries. Depending on the season, bears are viewed by boat, tree stands, river stands – or all three. The lodge strives to allow guests to see bears in their natural environment, but safety is paramount.

The lodge offers many other wildlife watching tours. In spring, you will also see seals, sea lions, porpoises, dolphins and the occasional minke whale.  From July onwards guests are almost guaranteed to see killer whales and in September the humpback whales begin to arrive. Hiking and guided kayaking tours are also available.

Photographers will be in heaven here with unrivalled opportunities to capture not only the wildlife but awe inspiring waterfalls, ancient glaciers and pristine rainforest.

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At the hotel on the mainland, where guests spend their first night before flying to Knight Inlet, breakfast is included.

At Knight Inlet, after guests have built up an appetite following a day’s wildlife viewing, the lodge’s dining room features bountiful West Coast Canadian and Continental cuisine with daily specials, fine wines and tempting desserts.  Fresh local crab, salmon and prawns are often on the menu. All meals and snacks, together with house wine with dinner are included.

With advance warning most dietary preferences can be accommodated and guides generally dine with guests.


The Lodge is a modern one-storey facility consisting of 5 cement floats, rather like a floating village.  The resort is finished with Western Cedar cladding, giving it a real rustic West coast British Columbia feel.  The first night is spent at the Heron’s Landing hotel at Campbell River before flying onto Glendale Cove by floatplane early the next morning.

All of the 18 guest rooms feature one or two queen size beds and private washrooms with showers. Rooms are furnished with local alder hardwood furniture and have a view of either Glendale Cove or the shoreline behind the lodge where it is not uncommon to see bears.

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Children aged 6+ can stay at the lodge from May through to August whilst the minimum age raises to 8 from 31st August through to 15th October, when the viewing spot moves from boat to platform.  The wildlife on offer can hardly fail but create lifelong memories and youngsters will particularly enjoy tracking the resident animals with local guides and making plaster casts of prints.

At the Knight Inlet there are a number of family rooms with one queen bed and 2 twin beds or an extra single.


Knight Inlet Lodge is a founding member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association, the association is committed to sustainable bear viewing in British Columbia. This involves supporting the association financially and heavily focusing on conservation and research.


The lodge is located at Glendale Cove in a remote fjord in the Pacific North West known as Knight Inlet. Only accessible by floatplane it is 50 air miles North of Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

Set amidst the dramatic snow-capped peaks of Canada’s rugged Western coastline, Knight Inlet is the longest fjord on the British Columbia coast and offers spectacular scenery, together with one of the largest concentrations of grizzly bears in British Columbia.

The lodge can be reached by a 10-hour direct flight from the UK to Vancouver International Airport, followed by either a 40 minute flight to Campbell River or a 5 hour car and ferry journey. The first night is spent at the Heron’s Landing Hotel at Campbell River before flying onto the lodge by floatplane early the next morning.

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