Helping You Travel Sustainably

Here we outline some ways for you to choose to reduce the carbon footprint of your holiday on the environment whilst also having a beneficial impact on conservation and communities in the amazing destinations you will be visiting as part of your Bushbaby adventure.

From flights, to hotel choices alongside decisions on day tours, we’ll help you turn your holiday in to a positive for all.

We also support charities, with a focus on education, disaster relief and animal welfare, but always welcome the chance to support those causes close to our clients’ hearts, so let us know, for example, if you’re seeking sponsorship for an event.

Offsetting Your Flights

As many of our destinations cannot be reached by rail, you will see under each country page, we give the estimated tonnage of carbon released for an Economy flight to your destination (Please let us know if you’d like to calculate the impact of an upgraded cabin).

We have chosen to partner in Click a Tree as their carbon offset schemes not only benefit the flora of a particular area, but consequently the fauna and the local communities in terms of employment created in their establishment and running.

Projects are currently undertaken in Thailand (tree planting and elephant protection), Ghana (tree planting and education) and the Philippines (mangrove planting and plastic removal).  The cost to offset a tonne of carbon depends on the location, ranging from £9 in the former two locations, to £13 in the latter.

"The truth is the natural world is changing, and we're totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It's the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it."

Sir David Attenborough

Eco-conscious Hotels

We detail the sustainability policies of each hotel we feature under their entry on the Bushbaby website, to help you take this into consideration when making your accommodation choices for your holiday.

We are also keen to champion those doing great things.  Many safari Lodges have now gone completely off-grid for their power or launched animal welfare initiatives such as an Elephant sanctuary or even Elephant Mobile Clinic!  Often resorts in the Maldives employ marine conservationists and are actively re-building coral reefs after some devastating bleaching episodes.  Most destinations also now have some amazing community upliftment projects in place – from funding schools to providing micro-loans for business starts ups – taking their sphere of influence well outside the doors of their establishments.

Your holidays can create a positive impact on the environment and destination community, simply from your decision on where to stay.  By rewarding hotels for their forward-thinking sustainability policies with your custom, you’ll also encourage others to see the commercial as well as ethical advantages of doing the same.

Community Focused Tours

The final piece of the sustainability jigsaw is your day tours, an element of your Bushbaby adventure we feel holds great importance if you’re seeking those shared memories to last a lifetime.

We continually seek opportunities for our clients to travel in a more responsible manner, for example supporting local businesses and considering lower impact transport, from electric tuk tuks to bicycles.  This enables you to develop a deeper connection with the local culture whilst reducing your the environmental footprint.

As a result we actively chose in-destination partners who take these issues very seriously, such as EXO Travel in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.  Their Travel for Good policy similarly seeks to maximise the benefits of travel whilst minimising impact.