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Latin America is fast becoming one of our favourite destinations. With a definite aura of adventure, it is increasingly broadening its appeal with some wonderfully luxurious and family-friendly hotels, many featuring original and authentic touches. If your dream trip involves an active safari in search of jaguars, waterfall rappelling in the depths of the jungle or a stay in sumptuous and far-flung estancia, Latin America is for you.

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Costa Rica is perfect for families, particularly if you have a budding David Attenborough in your midst! Renowned for its wildlife and scenery, it’s also ideal for thrill-seekers – so if zip-lining through the rainforest appeals, you’ve come to the right place.

For culture, head to Peru, with its ancient civilisations, fantastic trekking and dramatic scenery. We can suggest a bespoke itinerary, featuring highlights such as Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley, or the more intrepid may want to explore the Peruvian Amazon or spectacular Colca Canyon.

For a vibrant music and dance scene, pristine tropical beaches, colourful colonial towns and vast unspoilt wilderness, head to Brazil. The fifth largest country in the world has it all – from exhilarating boat rides under Iguazu Falls to beach flops in Bahia.  It’s also fast becoming famous for the amazing wildlife experiences offered in the Pantanal and Amazon. Or how about simply people-watching in Ipanema with a fresh cocktail in hand?

For the experience of a lifetime, a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a must, whether you opt for a cruise or an island-hopping adventure. Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and discover wildlife you won’t find anywhere else in the world, all in an incredibly beautiful and dramatic setting. Twin the trip with mainland Ecuador – the recently re-opened Devil’s Nose train ride is sure to appeal. Or perhaps a multi-destination trip, including the Sacred Valley in Peru, is on your wish list.

Belize may be a pint-sized country, but it packs a punch, with islands, jungle, culture and adventure in no short supply. Expect everything from swimming with whale sharks and snorkelling at the world’s second largest coral reef, to exploring Maya temples with panoramic forest views.

Or perhaps you’re drawn to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula with its lush tropical jungles, ancient Mayan sites, colonial architecture and Riviera Maya coastline.

If horse riding is top of your holiday list, consider an Argentinian estancia for that authentic gaucho experience. Combine it with a taste of culture in downtown Buenos Aires – the tango capital of the world – or a dose of raw natural beauty in the form of the Perito Moreno glacier and the Torres del Paine in Chile. Moon travel is still a long way off for most of us, but a close second is the Atacama Desert in Chile with its lunar landscapes, geysers, hot springs and salt pans.  These destinations are coming soon!

Wherever your interest lies, come and speak to us and we’ll happily work with you to create a memorable holiday to this fantastic continent.

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