My Terrific Thai Holiday!
The adventures of an 8 year old in South East Asia

Noah Wheeler tells us stories from his recent travels around Thailand over the Easter holidays – April 2023

The plane took 10 hours to get to Bangkok and when we arrived we were all very tired. Bangkok is very different to Midhurst where we live, mainly because it’s in Thailand and Midhurst isn’t! I was very excited to visit Thailand, because it was so hot – that meant lots of swimming!

Pool Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Thailand

Our hotel in Bangkok had the biggest pool in the whole city. We stayed at the Anantara Riverside. We got to take a boat on the river to visit temples and the Reclining Buddha – which was a giant gold statue on its side. Dad said to rub the tummy of a buddha and it will bring good luck. I did – and then I found 20 THB!

After 2 nights in Bangkok we took another plane into the Jungle and to a place called Elephant Hills. We spent the day at an elephant sanctuary where we got to touch and feed the elephants. We fed them pineapple, sugarcane, bananas and tamarind which we had to wrap in a banana leaf. The elephants were very gently except when they sneezed!

After the elephants we took a canoe trip on the river. We got caught in a big rain shower – but the rain was warm and helped cool us down a little bit. The man paddling our boat made me a hat out of palm leaves!

The next day we took a long boat across a blue lake to another camp which was floating. This camp was super fun as we got to swim in the actual lake. The lake had giant, jungle carp that swam with us and nibbled my toes. In the afternoon we did a hike up a mountain to a bat cave. In the cave we found 2 snakes, lots of Huntsman and Scorpion spiders and lots of crickets and bats.

After Elephant Hills we got driven to a jetty to board a speed boat to Pimalai. Pimalai is a fancy hotel on a hillside with lots of rooms with private pools. We had our own private pool, plus there were two bigger infinity pools. Infinity means that you can’t see where the pool ends.

Pimalai gave me a teddy on my bed. We spent 3 nights here and spent most of it swimming, walking on the beach and eating.

Our next stop was Phuket where we spent 2 nights in the south of the island at Katathani and 2 night in the north at Anantara Mai Khao Villas. Kata Town was great fun shopping in the markets, eating ice cream and exploring the town. The beach was also amazing!

At Mai Khao we rented bicycles and cycled around the resort, across bridges and ponds – the food here was also delicious. Mom and Dad’s fish arrived smoking on a brick of salt!

Thailand was a super fun holiday. I am very lucky to get to travel some amazing places.

Noah’s ‘Favourite Five’ Experiences:

  1. Covering my face with the lemon-grass infused, cold towels in Bangkok.
  2. Trying the amazing food including daily pancakes and waffles at breakfast (quote “Quick – someone call an astronomer – cause this food is out of this world!”).
  3. Wrapping parcels of tamarind to feed the elephants to help with their digestion. Also dodging out of the way when they sneezed!
  4. Hikes through the jungle to the bat cave, where we got to smell the bark of the Sandalwood tree and see a Lantern Fly.
  5. Swimming with the jungle carp in the lake and doing jumps off the decking!

About the author

Noah is the son of Amy – our Bushbaby Africa Specialist. At 8 years old he too loves to travel like his parents and has been lucky enough to travel to South Africa, Mauritius, Thailand, Morocco, Maldives, Italy, France, Poland, Cyprus and Greece!

Noah Wheeler, West Sussex - Guest Blogger

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