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COVID-19 Holiday Guarantee for Clients, News

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Bushbaby Travel will be following the Foreign and Commonwealth guidelines during this time. The website updates travel advice for individual countries on a daily basis, although we have seen some lag in information provision on occasion, so are also in touch with our destination partners. When a situation deteriorates significantly, the FCO will often change its travel advice to warn against all but essential travel to that country e.g. China, Iran and areas of South Korea and Northern Italy.

We also recommend that you check your travel insurance, and follow advice from Public Health England whilst you are abroad.


Frequently asked questions:

What happens if I have booked a holiday to a destination which the FCDO now advises against all but essential travel to?

If you have booked a package holiday with Bushbaby (accommodation in combination with other services such as flights) and the FCDO advises against all but essential travel due to covid restrictions or any other reason, we will get in touch to discuss options with you. In this case you will be offered the chance to postpone your trip or choose an alterative destination. However, you are not obliged to accept either of these options and can claim a full refund.

Please note, if your holiday is some way off we will need to wait before offering refunds or alternatives as the FCDO advice only relates to imminent departures. Therefore, customers with future departure dates (generally over 3 weeks away) will need to wait to see if there are further FCDO travel advice updates and whether their holiday can continue as planned.

What if a country refuses to let UK travellers enter or insists on a quarantine period on arrival?

In these circumstances the FCDO are very likely to advise against all travel (as they cannot advise travel to a destination where you will not be allowed entry), so these rules would then apply (i.e. refund or re-book).

Please note we can only follow the advice of the UK FCDO, and so if passengers are not travelling from the UK, we cannot be held responsible for changes applied to travellers from that destination.

What happens if FCDO travel advice to my destination has not changed?

If the Foreign Office is not advising against travelling to your destination, but it is your personal preference not to travel and you won't be entitled to a refund. However, we will try, where possible, to postpone your trip. Please note that airlines and hotels are likely to apply amendment fees in these circumstances as well as increases in fares /rates should you opt to travel at a more expensive time of year.

Will I be able to claim on my insurance?

Disinclination to travel due to fear of contracting Coronavirus or any other illness, is not something that your travel insurance would likely provide cover for.

If you have a health condition that places you under greater risk from COVID-19, you may be able to claim via your insurers, if you have made them aware of this condition at time of booking.

NB As long as you are travelling to an area that the FCDO has not advised against travelling to, your medical costs should be covered and assistance will be provided if you are diagnosed with the virus while travelling.

I've booked my own flights, what happens if they are cancelled?

A cancellation because of the coronavirus would be treated the same way as a cancellation because of extreme weather conditions. Any flight to/from an airport in Britain and the EU is protected under European law for the time-being and so you should receive a refund or the option to rebook.

If the FCDO advice is still to travel to your destination, you can then book with a new airline. If it is not, and you have booked a ground package with Bushbaby i.e. accommodation with transfers /car rental and not hotel only, you will be entitled to re-book or refund. If you have booked accommodation only, you should claim via your travel insurance.

What if I or someone in my party gets sick before the holiday and are unable to travel?

In this instance you will need to check and claim on your Travel Insurance policy, as with any other condition.

What happens if I get sick / quarantined whilst on holiday?

If you fall ill, please immediately contact your Travel Insurance company and seek advice via our in-country partners. If you are placed into quarantine, please contact us immediately and, with the FCO, we will assist. Your travel insurance may also cover additional costs under the 'Travel Disruption' section.

What happens if I have to self-isolate on my return after visiting my destination?

If you are able to take your holiday but have to isolate at home for a few days on your return, we may not be able to refund your holiday, as the FCDO may not advise against all but essential travel.  If a period of hotel quarantine is required, then you would be entitled to a refund or a postpone as this will be seen by the FCDO as a reason to advise against all but essential travel.

If Bushbaby collapses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, am I protected?

Yes. If you have booked a package holiday in the UK, you will be protected by our ATOL 9655. If you have booked a flight exclusive holiday, you will be covered by our topp policy. If you are yet to travel, you will receive a refund or replacement. If you are on holiday, this will assist with your re-patriation

Updated 04/03/2022

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