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On Costa Rica’s remote north Caribbean coast lies Tortugero National Park, originally created to protect the endangered sea turtles who come here every year (Jul-Oct) to lay their eggs on the beach…an amazing sight to behold. Explore the park by boat as you navigate the network of canals teeming with wildlife.

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This beautiful national park offers wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities from its steamy waterways – iguanas, monkeys, colourful frogs and crocodiles are just some of the species you may be lucky to spot along the edges of the forest. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore the coves and waterways which are not accessible by boat and fully appreciate the stunning natural beauty of this national park.

If you are visiting during turtle nesting season, Jul-Oct, there are nightly tours  to watch the magnificent sea turtles slowly haul themselves up onto the beaches to lay their eggs. To witness these wonderful creatures nesting is a true privilege!

You can also spend time exploring the coastal village of Tortuguero which has a unique setting perched on a sandbank nestled between the sea and river, and  only accessible by boat. There are quaint restaurants and shops along with the Sea Turtle Conservancy museum which is a great place to learn more about these incredible creatures and what is being done to protect them.

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