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Kwando-Linyanti Area

The four large and remote private reserves of Kwando, Selinda, Linyanti and the Chobe Enclave, located along the Kwando-Linyanti river system offer some of the best game-viewing in Botswana. The scale of these reserves is impressive- Kwando, with its riverside forest, mixed with vast open plains which attract a large quantity of game, covers over 2300 sqm. Smaller Linyanti incorporates floodplains offering a slightly different wildlife experience. Chobe borders the Delta and also features emerald floodplains. Travel down the Chobe River on a river boat or explore the vast plains of the Savute where lions and hyenas clash for survival in one of Africa’s elephant and buffalo hotspots. Areas along the Kwando River and Linyanti, with their riverfront setting attract varied game and are excellent for spotting wild dog.

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