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Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city benefitting all encompassed by a rich cultural heritage.  A modern, glittering skyline, dominated by the 451-metre-tall Petronas Towers, meets grand colonial buildings, historic temples and colourful markets, to create a unique feel to this Asian city.


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A walking tour through the streets reveals a treasure trove of wonders to discover.  Explore diverse cultures and visit iconic sights whilst marvelling at historic monuments, shopping in vibrant markets as well as sampling some of the best food that Malaysia has to offer.

A morning visit to Chow Kit Market, a classic wet market which sells anything and everything, will uncover narrow walkways leading through a maze of stalls laden with local produce and seafood of any variety and size, vegetables of numerous shapes and colour, meat, aromatic spices and so many different varieties of exotic fruits.

One of the oldest buildings in the city, Masjid Jamek (also known as Friday Mosque) sits gracefully on the banks of two rivers. Wander around the grounds whilst learning about Islam in Malaysia and marvel at the arabesque influences in its design. If you continue onto the architectural colonial heart of old Kuala Lumpur, you can learn about the past and present uses of these iconic buildings ranging from the late 1800’s to the mid 1930’s. Nearby there is a great viewpoint where you can capture a stunning photo reflecting the blend of the old and new architecture of the city.

You can wander from here into Central Market, now a vital hub of commerce for the city’s artisan community that has developed over the years. Browse the stalls of local designers and craftsmen, now selling traditional handicrafts and souvenirs, whilst enjoying the buzz of the marketplace.  Chinatown’s also a great spot for shopping, in vibrant Petaling Street, whilst also being peppered with ancestral shrines and the hidden old shop houses of the local Chinese-Malay residents. This area is also the birthplace of many of Malaysia’s signature culinary dishes, thus making it the perfect place to refuel! Pull up a chair at a popular restaurant and savour a plate of hokkien mee noodles alongside the locals.

Kuala Lumpur also has a lively Indian Malay culture. KL Sentral, the former railway hub of the British, is a fabulous melange of colour, with heritage buildings and an incredible array of cuisine. Walk through the winding lanes of Little India and you will pass one of Malaysia’s earliest Ashrams, flower vendors, Hindi DVD shops, street stalls overflowing with fabrics and much more. Grab a stool at a local shop and enjoy a cup of chai tea whilst absorbing the vibrant atmosphere. You can also visit Maha Vihara Buddist Temple and Jalan Berhala Street where Hindu Shrines and other places of worship can be found.

A trip to Kuala Lumpur isn’t complete without a visit to Batu Caves, located north of the city. You can spend time exploring the massive limestone caves, learning about the legends and beliefs of the Hindu religion. Admire the towering standing statue of Lord Murugan before visiting Ramayana cave where stories of the Ramayana legend are depicted. Continue to climb the 350 stairs to reach the main cave.

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