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Windhoek is Namibia’s capital, home to an international airport and a plethora of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and accommodation options.
The city is clean, safe and well-organised, with a colonial legacy that is reflected in its many German eateries and shops, and the widespread use of the German language.

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Experiences in Windhoek

Windhoek has an interesting mix of historical architecture and modern buildings, many of which are worth a look, including the Alte Feste (Old Fort), the 1896 Christuskirche (Christ Church), and the more contemporary Supreme Court.

Windhoek is mainly used as a one-night rest stop either at the start or an end to an itinerary – this is because of the vast distances in Namibia. The town offers a good variety of shops to purchase food goods, if on a camping adventure or a good selection of restaurants offering local cuisine.

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