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A journey South down the Nile towards the lower regions of the country will lead you to the ancient city of Luxor, once known as Thebes. Much like Cairo, it’s bursting with culture and remnants of life as it stood thousands of years ago. Dubbed “the world’s largest open-air museum”, it’s almost impossible to turn a corner without encountering a legacy from the pharaohs that once ruled the land. 

Experiences in Luxor

Expect an impressive array of temples and tombs, including Luxor Temple, a stunning complex that remains remarkably intact considering it resides in the heart of the city. We recommend visiting at night when you can lose yourself in another world of colossal stone sphinxes with an avenue of illuminated pillars towering over you. 

Alternatively, you could spend a sunny afternoon gliding down the Nile on a “felucca”. These traditional wooden sailing boats are the prime place to watch the activity of the city and its inhabitants on the riverbank. 

Luxor is also the springboard for The Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of 63 of the most important pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, including Tutankhamun. The journey itself offers a fascinating insight into Egyptian life, with contrasting backdrops of lush green farmland and expansive desert. 

Tucked away in mountainous terrain, the Valley of the Kings houses numerous tombs that you can explore. Leave the glaring sun for the cool, quiet ambience of a tomb, descending into a series of tunnels and chambers covered in intricate carvings and paintings that have barely changed since their creation.  

A hot air balloon ride offers an even more exhilarating perspective of the Theban Mountains, soaring above the innumerable temples, vast desert and lush greenery of the Nile borders. Or for something closer to the ground, try a 4-night luxury cruise down the Nile. Sailing between Luxor and Aswan, guests can appreciate the constantly-changing scenery while enjoying afternoon tea on the deck.


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