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There is no clearer example of this amalgamation of old and new than in the country’s capital. Dubbed “the Mother of the World” by locals, Cairo is home to more than 20 million people, making it the largest city in the Middle East. It’s packed with authentic and unique experiences that will reward even the most seasoned traveller.

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At the heart of this seething megalopolis are its vibrant bazaars and medieval mosques. Your ears will be filled with the call to prayers and the energetic shouts of market vendors, while car horns echo down the bustling streets where chariots once rode. Explore the skinny lanes of street markets selling everything from exotic food to semiprecious stones – try Khan al-Khalili, Sharia Tawfiqia and Bab al-Luq.

Just outside Cairo, at the edge of the Western Desert, the Pyramids of Giza are a true testament to the ability and imagination of humankind. They provide a dramatic backdrop to the city, whether you’re grabbing lunch or playing a round of golf. Built in the 26th-century BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza houses the tomb of pharaoh Khufu and is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Egyptian Museum is also a ‘must visit’ in your Cairo itinerary.  The 170,000 artifacts are due to be re-located to the brand new Grand Egyptian Museum due to be opened in late 2023 after 10 years of construction.

From the commanding presence of the Great Sphinx and pyramids to the glistening Nile and 19th-century, European-inspired architecture of downtown Cairo, a stop over in this unique city is highly recommended before heading to Luxor or your beach destination, even as an alternative weekend away! 


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