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Egypt’s southernmost city, Aswan, has a beautiful Nile valley setting and relaxing atmosphere. Colourful houses dot the banks and serene gardens compete for your attention with pretty boats on the water. 

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There’s more to Aswan than natural beauty – it’s also home to significant historical sights, such as the Temple of Philae. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, it was relocated from its original location in 1972 to Agilika Island to allow for the construction of the Aswan Dam, which is responsible for supporting the agriculture and navigation of the entire country. You can also visit Abu Simbel, two rock-hewn temples that serve as a lasting monument to Pharaoh Ramesses II.

The Nubian Museum is another Aswan highlight, with artefacts documenting the history of the Nubians from ancient times until the present day. Nubia is the region between Aswan and Khartoum in the Sudan so this is a great opportunity to uncover a culture you may not have previously heard about.

Many of the Nile river cruises depart from here, with the boats making their way up the river to the city of Luxor to the North.

Smell exotic aromas in the city’s buzzing marketplace, or cool off in the shady avenues of the botanical gardens. Aswan is a truly tranquil spot, and is a great contrast to the hustle and bustle of Cairo. 


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