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Okavango Delta

Situated in Northern Botswana, near the capital of Maun, the Delta floods every year (usually around June time) with fresh water from the Angolan Highlands creating a unique game watching opportunity. The resulting 15,000 square kms of papyrus swamps and floodplains dotted with palm trees is home to an incredible range of animals including elephants, hippos, big cats and buffaloes.

One of the original and best ways to explore is to glide through the reed banks aboard a Mokoro or traditional dugout poled canoe so you can silently take in the wonderful environment teeming with birds such as Kingfishers and Eagles and other life attracted by the water.

Experiences in Okavango Delta

A quarter of the Delta lies within Moremi Game Reserve including Chief’s Island, nearly 400 square miles of dry Kalahari sand and woodland surrounded by the ebbing waters and home to large herds of plains game and big troops of baboons.

The government of Botswana has set out to protect this exceptional ecosystem by establishing a number of private concessions that control visitor numbers to their camps. To ensure you are able to fully experience this world-renowned safari region, we recommend combining a number of locations including a ‘Dry’ camp which will focus on big game viewing by 4×4 and a ‘Wet’ camp that is able to offer a boating safaris year round due to their proximity to the main channels.

You can also join an overland camping safari from Maun to Victoria Falls.

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