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Aerial of Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge, Mainland Ecuador

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Remote yet accessible, unspoiled yet comfortable, this welcoming ecolodge has protected the fabulous wildlife here for more than 20 years, enabling it to flourish. The all-inclusive jungle lodge is the ideal base for you and your family to explore the fascinating rainforest in small groups, led by expert guides. Don't miss the canopy walk for an entirely new and wonderful perspective on this incredible jungle setting.

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Aerial of Sacha Lodge
  • rooms

    Lodging at Sacha is basic but comfortable in keeping with the desire to preserve the rainforest setting and ambience. The cabins, with high thatched roofs and private shaded terraces with hammocks, are constructed with traditional materials and nestle discretely into the lush surroundings. Each of the 26 rooms, which include single, double and (upon request) triple accommodation and three family cabins (with A/C), provide a spacious private bathroom with flushing toilet and hot shower – some even feature floor-to-ceiling windows for an immersive jungle shower experience! All cabins are screened against insects, and contain ceiling fans above two comfortable double beds.

  • facilities & activities

    Adventure is a given at Sacha Lodge, and all guests, from those happy to relax in their own comfort zone to the most intrepid will appreciate the wide spectrum of activities. The water is the thread that links each experience: you’ll become an expert at hopping in and out of the canoe and manning the oars, and will come to love the surreal peacefulness of paddling down streams through virgin wilderness. Expedition groups are never larger than six, and are always accompanied by a naturalist guide and a local guide. The Lodge strives to match guests with others of similar ages, interests and abilities in expedition groups.

    Some of the activities on offer:

    Canopy Walk - Imagine crossing the rainforest by means of a bridge 94 feet (36 meters) high. This 940-foot (275-meter) sturdy walkway is fixed to the ground by three metal towers, and offers an astounding opportunity to spot dozens of animals and epiphytes seldom seen from the ground, immersed in the canopy. You might even be joined by troops of monkeys as they forage through the forest canopy. And if you don’t see them, you’ll almost certainly hear them: howler monkeys screeching like true kings of the jungle.

    NEW Canopy Crane - take a high-flying ride 45m above the jungle floor and explore nearly 2 acres (.78 hectares) of rainforest while you are lifted comfortably and safely in a hot air balloon-like basket floating above the forest canopy.

    Tree climbing - You’ll feel like you’re on the very top of the world on the 135-foot (43-meter) observation tower, a platform built on the highest branches of a giant kapok tree. From here, magnificent, panoramic views of the forest unfold all around, while the 500 species of birds registered in the area, including rainbow-coloured toucans and parrots, become easy to spot. Climb onto the crows’ nest for the 360-degree experience.

    Yasuni Parrott Lick - A short distance from Sacha Lodge is Ecuador’s most accessible parrot lick, an exposed clay riverbank where technicoloured parrots of several different species gather in the early morning. In ideal conditions (sunny and dry) hundreds of parrots will perch on and eat the exposed clay in a spectacular show of sound and colour! The lick is located on the edge of Yasuní National Park, which is accessible from Sacha by a short canoe trip down the Napo River.

    The Butterfly House - Sacha Lodge is home to one of the largest butterfly farms in Ecuador. Designed as a live exhibition conservatory, the Butterfly House is now successfully breeding nearly 40 local butterfly species. Guests will be shown how these beautiful insects are bred and raised, and may roam through ”the flying room” where hundreds of colourful butterflies flutter from flower to flower. Transparent glass-wing butterflies, spectacular blue morphs, striking tiger longwings, bright yellow swallowtails and giant nocturnal owl butterflies are only a few of the species you’ll encounter here, up close and personal.

    Forest Walks - Creeping along the jungle paths with the sun filtering down through the canopy, careful not to tread on an army of marching ants, your nature guide will point out plants and insects and the fascinating symbiosis between them. He might take you through the territory of the crested owls or spider monkeys, expertly mimicking the creatures’ call to win their trust and coax them out of hiding. When darkness falls, have your flashlight ready to spot creatures of the night, from tarantulas and boas to stick insects and frogs.

    Creek Paddling - Aside from being your means of transport between expeditions, creek paddling in dug-out canoes is a fabulous adventure in itself, with the bonus that it requires little physical exertion. Paddling down the streams is like entering into a tunnel leading to a lost world. Birds call in surround-sound and families of monkeys leap from branches overhead, a show to coincide with the setting of the sun.

    Night-time Caiman Spotting - A night-time expedition to look for caiman on the lake is perhaps the most magical experience of an adventure already filled with wonder. Under cover of darkness, you will take a canoe out onto the water, your way lit by glittering stars. 

    Bird-watching - For avid birdwatchers, the Lodge can provide specialist guides, who know the best spots for the hard-to-find species, and can easily identify species by both sight and sound. Oscar Tapuy, our local expert who has been at Sacha since 1995, estimates that he spots 60 species per day on average. Your guide will lead you through a variety of habitats where mixed flocks are common, and generally begin before sunrise to take full advantage of the morning peak. Our guides carry telescopes, and have become dab-hands at taking photos with your camera or phone through the lense!

    Clean and disinfected rubber boots and rain ponchos are available for all guests, free of charge.

    Named after the Spanish word for a raft, the Balsa is at the heart of Sacha Lodge - a covered al fresco lounge area with a breath-taking view over the shimmering Pilchicocha Lake. It's the perfect place to read a book with a glass of wine, spot birds, caiman and giant otters, or to watch the crimson sunsets and tremendous thunder storms. 

    Ideal for families, the Lake Pool is the only one of its kind in the Amazon region. The plunge pool, protected by a mesh cage, allows you to cool off and relax in the black shallows of the Pilchicocha Lake, without the fear of encountering the unknown. You could even spot caiman and giant otters swim by the other side of the net…

    Wi-Fi is available but is limited to some public areas and is subject to a fee.

    A small boutique selling essentials like sunblock, mosquito repellent and toiletries is open from 10.30 to 21.30. This is also the place to pick up Sacha Lodge souvenirs including fun logo t-shirts and baseball caps.

  • dining

    The rustic, airy restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere for dinner with open windows, allowing diners the chance to enjoy the jungle chorus. Using fresh and sustainable produce, the chef prepares meals to delight the tastes of a world traveler while satisfying the appetite of an adventurer!

    Breakfast and lunch buffets mix International cuisine with traditional Ecuadorian dishes and are served in the Balsa. There are light, healthy options as well as more substantial pasta and meat dishes. Every Wednesday and Saturday lunchtime, a full 3-course Amazon gourmet experience is laid on for guests.

    An a la carte dinner is served in the restaurant, bringing fine dining to the jungle. Menus change daily, and will often include the popular paiche, a meaty white fish found in the Amazon region – with the all-important Green Seal of responsible fishing. Vegetarians are more than welcome, and the chefs will be happy to cater for any special dietary requirements on request.

    Guests particularly love the regular BBQs on the lakeside Balsa, with grilled fish, meat and vegetables.

    The safari-lodge style bar is found above the restaurant and fitted with cosy sofas and stools propping up the bamboo bar. Relax with an ice-cold beer or glass of wine, or try a classic cocktail creation from the master barman.

    Purified, safe drinking water is available at multiple points around the Lodge.

  • family

    Whilst the journey here is fascinating, it is not straight-forward and can be tiring. Additionally, guests need to appreciate the remoteness of the lodge, the fact that anti-malarials are likely to be needed and the basic nature of the accommodation. With these factors in mind, we really only recommend this experience for families with older children.

  • location

    The journey to Sacha Jungle Lodge begins in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. From here, a 25-minute flight takes you over the Andes Mountains’ majestic snow-covered peaks and down over 8500 feet (2600 meters) into the Amazon Region. The flight destination is the port town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana, locally known as Coca, where you will be met by a bilingual guide and taken to a private dock. Here you will pause for a snack before boarding a covered motorised canoe for a 2-hour, 50-mile trip down the sediment-rich waters of the Napo, the largest river in Ecuadorian Amazonia.

    During the ride it's easy to spot handsome shore birds such as herons, kingfishers, spoonbills and ospreys between the scattered native huts as you travel steadily away from civilization.

    Upon arrival to Sacha Lodge’s 5000-acre private reserve, guests will take their first walk along a raised boardwalk through dense flooded palm forest where several species of monkeys are often sighted. But don’t worry - your luggage will be transferred for you!

    The path leads to Pilchicocha lake, a blackwater paradise where you’d least expect to find any sign of people, but dugout canoes (and paddlers) await to carry you even further. As you cross the lake, the cries of tropical birds lead you to your final destination and base for an exciting jungle experience.

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