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Siem Reap Ang Kor Wat Khmer Temple, Credit Shutterstock


It's impossible to sum up Asia in a few sentences; it is an intense land, full of contrasts and with a charm and spirituality that runs deep. The warm hospitality of the friendly locals, combined with some jaw-dropping scenery, incredible wildlife, an utterly enthralling history, multicultural heritage and, of course, beaches, straight off a filmset... it's no surprise it appeals to travellers of all ages.

Asia doesn't really do subtlety - the sights, sounds and smells will literally ignite your senses and if you embrace it all, you are assured of an experience like no other. It manages to juxtapose the ultra-modern with the ancient - the two seem to happily co-exist; skyscrapers sit alongside old wooden temples, hi-tech trains run past paddy fields and rural villages where life has barely changed in centuries, and vibrant, spiritual traditions are still fiercely adhered to, despite more modern-day attractions such as theme parks, casinos and luxury beach resorts.

Food-lovers will be in heaven; fresh and flavoursome ingredients, mouth-watering fruit juices, melt-in-the-mouth fish, tasty curries... everyone is catered for and with so many cuisines to choose from, every day is potentially a new taste sensation.

With so many things to see and do, you will barely scratch the surface in one visit, but depending on your country or countries of choice, the highlights might well include a family boat trip to the markets of Bangkok, an authentic Thai massage, beach time on one of the many Thai islands, a visit to the Geopark at Langkawi, a day trip to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, a Sri Lankan style safari or the opportunity to see first hand the orangutans of Borneo. 

Siem Reap Ang Kor Wat Khmer Temple, Credit Shutterstock
  • Laos

    Nam Song River Sunset Vang Vieng Courtesy Shutterstock
  • China

    The Great Wall, courtesy Shutterstock
  • Japan

    Himeji Castle in Spring, Courtesy Shutterstock
  • Cambodia

    Angkor Wat Temple
  • Vietnam

    Rice fields, Courtesy Shutterstock
  • Malaysia

    Malaysia Beach, Credit Andaman Langkawi
  • Singapore

    Singapore by Night, Credit Tourism Board
  • Sri Lanka

    Boats on the beach, courtesy Shutterstock
  • Thailand

    Landmark Wat Thai Temple, Credit Shutterstock

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