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Holiday planning Brexit-style, Bushbaby Blog

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What a week it has been! Perhaps now more than ever we need to have things to look forward to in the coming months, whether that's a coffee with friends, time spent in the garden, an outing to the theatre or a weekend-break to top up those joie-de-vivre levels. More than anything though, precious holiday time with loved ones reminds us of what is important in our lives and helps build memories to take us forward.

In the midst of change, here are some tips to keep costs in check and bring you confidence to continue making holiday plans:

Play safe by booking with a reputable tour operator

Most impacted are those destinations that utilise the dollar for hotel rates (not only the USA but also destinations such as the Middle East) as well as the Euro. However, we forward buy currency for your holiday when we book, so your accommodation costs are protected and we never surcharge.

Be adventurous

Now is the time to head to those places which are less affected by the major currency fluctuations - those traditional currency safe-havens are not such good value any more and the alternatives are enticingly exotic! For example in South Africa rates are still favourable, ensuring great value for visitors. Think a 3 course meal for a family of 4 with wine at one of the best restaurants in Cape Town for half the price of the equivalent in London. We also have contracts for some destinations such as Mauritius in GBP, so it's a case of business as usual. The lovely Sugar Beach Resort & Spa comes in at a very reasonable £1,240 for a family of 4 sharing on a half-board basis for 1 week, excluding travel - you'd be hard pushed to find that kind of value in Cornwall in August!

Make the journey work for you

Some non-direct flight options can save hundreds of pounds per person, which can really add up when you are travelling as a family. Weigh in the potential perk of an interesting stop-over and these flights become very interesting indeed. It's also worth looking at instant purchase tickets; although many clients appreciate the small deposits and long ticketing deadlines on our inclusive-tour rates for flights, by paying in full you avoid the risk of tax increases linked to fuel prices (purchased in USD). If you collect Avios, make sure you are getting the most out of them, whether you want to use them to book a reward flight, upgrade or part-pay for flights - see here. We also recommend booking flights as soon as the schedules are released - typically 330 days prior, to ensure you get the best rates. Look out for new routes too - BA often offers special deals on new routes. Chile anyone?

Look for destinations in low-season during our peak holiday times

There are plenty of destinations whose low season corresponds to British school holidays, so no dilemmas about taking children out of school and more holiday value into the bargain. For example opt for a Mauritius hotel in a sheltered location or on the west coast during our Summer months and you can still enjoy pleasant temperatures on tropical shores for an incredibly reasonable price. Or head to the Florida theme parks - those jet-lag induced early starts will work in your favour; enjoy outside adventures first thing and then head to the inside rides during the afternoon when temperatures rise and rainfall typically arrives.

Talk to a specialist

If you've always wanted to visit a destination but are concerned about the costs, talk to a destination specialist at Bushbaby. We aren't just about 5* luxury; what's important to us is location, charm and service. We can often suggest very reasonably-priced guest houses or self-catering apartments that rate highly on all these points, but aren't in the main-stream tour operator brochures. We love Lawhill Apartments in Cape Town for example - a 2 bedroom apartment here is half the rate of a room at one of the 5 star hotels around the corner, or, closer to home, Casa Badiola in Tuscany shares facilities with L’Andana next door, but for a lot less.

Be savvy - avoid overseas card transaction fees

If you prefer to spend your holiday pennies on a quayside seafood platter rather than fritter it away on bank charges, choose a card that doesn't incur overseas transaction fees or keeps fees low, such as the Post Office Platinum Card, Santander 123 or Halifax Clarity. If you plan to withdraw currency from a debit card whilst travelling, consider a pre-paid currency card which works like a pre-paid gift card; it's safer than carrying cash, you can pre-load with currency and withdraw from ATMs without having to pay the typical fees. This is a useful site for more information on the cards available and how to choose. For more fantastic travel money advice, spend a few minutes on Money Saving Expert.


If we can help with the above or with any other holiday concerns, please get in touch on 0845 124 4455 or email info@bushbaby.travel.

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