Okavango Delta
Oddballs Camp

Surrounded by the vast, untamed and dramatic landscape of the Okavango Delta, Oddballs’ Camp offers a taste of Africa at its most raw.

Expect elephants lumbering whisker distance away as you savour your morning coffee and tune into the sounds of the Delta, especially at sunset when the wilfdlife sounds shift from day to night. Cosy dome tents echo the colonial camps of times past and offer a peaceful, rustic sanctuary in this pocket of wild Africa that is home to one of the world’s richest concentrations of wildlife. Service is warm and genuine and for location this is 5*all the way.

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Wide open grasslands fringed with Ilala palms and termite mounds are home to an extraordinary variety of wildlife. Depending on the time of year you visit, the plains are teeming with herds of impala, zebra, wildebeest and comedy warthogs who provide the perfect menu for the resident prides of lion and hyena. Spot the elusive leopard amongst the tall grasses and listen to hippos grunting at the water’s edge whilst crocodiles wait silently in the waters.

Oddballs only employ local staff and boasts the highest guide-to-guest ratio in the country (two guests per guide). Explore the African wilderness safe in the hands of experienced rangers, who have grown up here. Experience the thrill of elephant, lion, rhino and wild-dog spotting during your daily walking safari or enjoy the peaceful pace of a Mokoro as you glide through the waters, the only noises those of the animals and birds passing to and fro in the tall reeds at the water’s edge. Don’t miss the opportunity for an insightful visit to the the local village for a taste of their traditions and generations-old way of life.

Please note: Mokoro may only be available when the waters of the Delta are typically high (May – September). Safaris are on foot or by Mokoro only.

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Simple but delicious home-cooked meals using seasonal, fresh produce are very much the order of the day. The warming meals are served up family-style on the veranda with wonderful views over the delta from the raised platform. Filling cooked breakfasts start the day followed by home comforts such as lasagna and roast chicken for lunch and dinner. Don’t be surprised if you are joined by an inquisitive hippo or two whilst you enjoy a sundowner by the open fire.


You’ll sleep in lovely dome-shaped tents, set on shaded, elevated wooden decks which offer the perfect spot for wildlife-watching. Inside there are simple but comfortable beds, colonial-style storage trunks and an unusual but beautiful outdoor bucket shower (with hot running water) allowing you to enjoy the sounds of the bush whilst you freshen up!

For an extra touch of luxury we recommend the Oddballs Enclave, just a short walk away. These five ‘mini-meru’ walk-in tents, with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms are a great option for a larger family booking or for a group of friends seeking a private camp experience.

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The camp provides a truly exhilarating, once in a lifetime, adventure for the family, but is not suitable for the very small. Access is only by aircraft and doctors are a flight away in Maun – an important consideration for anyone travelling with younger children. However, for older kids, it’s undoubtedly an authentic taste of Africa that will last them a lifetime.

In terms of accommodation ‘family’ platforms with 2 dome tents and either 1 or 2 showers offer a practical layout, ensuring children are close-by.

On game walks you will be accompanied by two guides – one in front and one behind! As walking is integral to a stay here, we recommend the Camp for active families, although the chance to experience a mokoro makes for a truly relaxing alternative



Oddball’s camp makes an effort to support the local environment and people; in recent years the landscape of the Okavango has become more arid leading to a decline in the old growth trees which are vital to the local ecosystem, the lodge has therefore set up a tree welfare programme in which at-risk trees are wrapped in mesh and coated in a home-made paste in order to repel elephants which have been destructive to many of the tree species in the area. All the power used in the lodge is generated through the use of solar panels helping to preserve the surrounding nature, and additionally the lodge provides nursing and veterinary support to local villages.


Only accessible by light aircraft (an adventure in itself), the camp is on the edge of the famed Chief’s Island, immersed in the fertile open grasslands of the Okavango Delta. Just a  20 minute flight from Maun and you arrive to a relatively untouched corner of Africa where the locals embody charm and warmth and both the game-viewing and vistas are unsurpassed.

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