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Cristalino Lodge

Located beside the River Cristalino in the Southern region of the Brazilian Amazon, this aptly named lodge offers an enriching and unique experience in the heart of the Jungle alongside familiar comforts.

From boat expeditions down the jungle’s waterways in the search for monkeys to stargazing by the Lodges roaring campfire, Cristalino is sure to provide a collection of memories to last long beyond your departure.

Facilities & Activities

The lodge has various on-site facilities to ensure comfort during your stay, one of which being a large floating deck on the River Cristalino, with rocking chairs and loungers to take in the sun and views during the day, and a log fire to sit round and admire the stars at night. There is also a cozy reading room to relax with a book from their library all about biodiversity and the biology of the local area. The lodge offers photography workshops for those interested.

The crowning feature of this lodge however is the abundance of activities on offer – half-day tours take place each morning and afternoon with specialized guides that will ensure you get an enriching and educational expedition. These include canoeing, great for spotting monkeys and birds as you silently glide along the waterways. Nature hikes provide guests a better understanding of the tropical ecosystem, where you will pass through various types of vegetation such as wetlands and evergreen forest, whilst you’ll be richly rewarded if you make your way to the top of the observation towers that tower at 45 metres, offering an unparalleled panoramic view over the rainforest canopy. Guided boat trips are also a fundamental part of your stay, with some trails only being accessible by water, this will give a chance to see different animals and witness the sunset over the River Teles Peres.

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The restaurant is located in the communal area of the lodge with a cozy candlelit ambience in the evening and a bright open air one in the day, the food is presented as a self-service buffet with an enticing array of local and seasonal Brazilian dishes including organic fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and a variety of meat.

The Lodge also as a pleasant bar with an open fire on its large deck burning at night, providing the perfect place to sit and enjoy a Caipirinhas (a Brazilian favourite) while listening to the sounds of the jungle and chatting with others.



The lodge has a variety of different room types, all inspired by and designed to amplify the stunning natural surroundings. The first room type is the Standard Room, with has two or three beds on request, a ceiling fan and private bathroom, the room is a total of 22 square metres in size.

Superior Rooms are much larger at 53 square metres, with two beds and the added amenities of armchairs, outdoor shower, private garden and even a veranda with a hammock to relax to the sounds of the Amazon whilst the bungalows offer a truly private paradise in the jungle. Junior Bungalows are a spacious 60 square metres and can accommodate up to 3 people, featuring all the amenities of the Superior room type but with added luxury and flair with touches like large windows in which to observe the nature outside. Standard Bungalows are a generous 75 square metres in size but incorporate two beds and two sofa beds, so can accommodate a larger group, located away from the other room types to provide privacy. The highest room category is the Special Bungalow at 79 square metres which benefits from a more luxurious design and a large outdoor bathtub.

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The hotel welcomes guests of all ages, however the are no special activities designed for younger children and therefore the hotel recommends children should be at least 7 years old to get the most out of the experience. Rooms are fairly large and many of the Bungalows have sofa beds, allowing for the accommodation of larger groups.


The Cristalino can be considered the pinnacle in Brazil when it comes to sustainability and their consideration for the environment; the reasons for this include the solar panels that power all the rooms, heating water using solar energy, treatment and reuse of wastewater, a comprehensive recycling system and the use of reusable bottles.

In terms of initiatives, they run a forest conservation programme, with the lodge directly preserving 44 square miles of rainforest which is 1.3 times larger than the island of Manhattan, with this earning them the world savers award and also a global vision award. The Lodge also supports a number of regional projects through their Cristalino Foundation such as young conservationist research that aim to inspire future generations to take care of the local environment.



The lodge is located in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon set in a private national heritage reserve. The principal access point is the Alta Floresta airport in the state of Mato Grosso which is accessible from most major airports in the country, from the airport you will be met by a transfer by the lodge which is a roughly one hour drive followed by a scenic 30 minute boat ride.

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