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Casa Caiman

Casa Caiman is a newly renovated eco-lodge set on a 53’000-acre property in the famed Pantanal region, known for its stunning scenery and fauna – it’s arguably the best place in the world to see Jaguars in the wild.

The lodge provides the ideal combination of adventure and comfort, offering a range of exciting activities accompanied by great food and spacious rooms to return to, after a day of exploring this rich and fascinating region of Brazil. During High Season (the UK Summer), please note that either 3 day stays from a Thursday or 4 night stays from a Sunday are available.

Facilities & Activities

Casa Caiman has a number of on-site facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible, such as a swimming pool for a cooling dip between activities, living room with cable TV, gym, sauna, bar and communal deck.

However, the adventurous and unique activities available to guests is the real highlight of the lodge; embark on the search for the local wildlife in the traditional 4×4 open safari vehicles through the stunning landscape of the Pantanal. The region is home to a stunning variety and quantity of birds and fascinating selection of animals including giant anteaters, tapirs and capybaras, alongside the elusive and majestic jaguar of which the Pantanal boasts one of the largest populations in the world, second only to the Amazon rainforest.  Due to a habitualisation programme, your chances of seeing these typically shy and elusive big cats are extremely high.

The nocturnal expeditions also provide a true adventure, as your guides use a spotlight to catch the glowing eyes of the various animals in the cover of darkness. An assortment of hiking trails allows guests to have a more hands on experience with the assortment of flora and fauna the region has to offer. Once you’ve seen the Pantanal by vehicle and foot the next step is to head out on the lagoon by canoe, navigating your way past the resident caimans!

As an additional cost (please book in advance) you can also head out on a 3-hour horseback tour or spend a day with the Oncafari Jaguar project biologists and / or a morning with the Hyacinth Macaw Institute (these are both excellent and informative NGOs carrying out great conservation work at Caiman and beyond).

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Caiman have their own Ranch which conveniently provides a local source of organic and fresh produce alongside their local community garden, therefore expect delicious, local homemade meals.

The food is inspired by authentic Pantanal recipes that make full use of the region’s culinary offerings.  Buffet style meals are served at the Lodge with all special requirements catered for.  Additionally traditional barbeques can also be enjoyed outdoors several times a week, we won’t say more, or we might spoil the surprise!


Casa Caiman offers 18 tasteful and spacious suites all within the heart of the world-famous Pantanal, providing guests with the perfect balance of comfort and nature. All rooms come with expected amenities such as Wi-Fi and air-conditioning as well as a terrace with netting to minimise visits from insects (of which there are plenty year round!).

The standard Suites are a generous 45 square metres in size, with a King bed and an outdoor terrace, which serves as the perfect spot to take in the bird song in the morning or admire the Brazilian sunset in the evenings. Superior Suites are also available, these are a slightly larger 52 square metres and have added luxuries such as a mini bar and coffee machine and also comes with a king bed.

The pinnacle of Casa Caiman however is the Master Suite, at an expansive 80 square metres this is a true palace in the Pantanal, with a vibrantly furnished living room and outdoor balcony with sweeping views over the cinematic bay, it offers a truly unforgettable experience.

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Families are welcome at Casa Caiman with rooms to accommodate groups of all sizes (extra beds for children can be added to suites), with plenty of activities and much to see it’s a great addition to any Brazilian adventure.  Please note however the minimum age is 8 years.


Sustainability is extremely important to the Caiman Lodge and takes primary focus throughout all their decisions. They support multiple initiatives to help ensure the conservation of the region, one of which being ‘Oncafari’ which promotes ecotourism that has as little impact as possible on the local wildlife and helps to ensure the healthy continuation of the local Jaguar population, they also support the Hyacinth Macaw Institute which monitors and preserves the local bird’s population and has managed to remove it from the list of endangered species. They also support similar projects for Tapirs and Hyacinth Macaws.

As previously mentioned the Lodge also tries to be as self-sufficient as possible with ingredients being often sourced on site.


The lodge is located in the municipality of Miranda, the most convenient way to access the refuge is first by flight either into Campo Grande or Boito airport, and then a scenic 3.5 hour or 2.5-hour road trip respectively, mainly on tarred roads, with the last hour a little bumpy.  Alternatively it is possible to fly in by small aircraft.

Please note Campo Grande is currently only accessible on a direct flight from Sao Paulo (so it’s a full days travel from most other tourist destinations within Brazil), although we hope the direct flight from Iguacu that was available pre-pandemic may be re-instated.

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